Can You Pass A Drug Test Using Synthetic Urine?

Everyone is afraid of a physical examination, and if it contains a urine test , it is even more frightening . Let’s face it, almost everyone has taken a form of drugs in their time, some people use it only on occasions, others use it frequently, and some people may have used it for the first time ever when they were surprised by having to take a urine drug test. These people may feel their career is over, or even their life is going to change drastically after this test. They may think: ”Oh, what was I thinking? My career is going to end horribly for just one mistake “.

synthetic urine with drug testNowadays, that doesn’t have to be the case. A lot of solutions are now available in order for you to pass your drug test, the easiest of which of course is to use someone else’s urine in case the test is not supervised, someone of the same age and sex, and definitely doesn’t use any drugs. Another solution that has become more common in the recent few years is synthetic urine, and there is a lot of success in this method.

What is synthetic urine made of?

Let’s first talk about what exactly is synthetic urine. It is exactly what it sounds like … Fake pee. It is a synthetic fluid that is made in a lab and contains all the constituents that you would normally find in normal urine, including organic elements such as urea, creatinine and most importantly uric acid (which is the main component needed for this synthetic fluid to pass adulteration test without the sample to be discarded), as well as inorganic elements such as ammonia, phosphates, sulphates and other salts. It’s original use was the calibration of the laboratory equipment used to test urine samples for drugs, which is almost ironic that the same material is now used to try to fool the same equipment into thinking it is the real thing. It is also used for testing diapers and by doctors in alternative medicine for urine therapy.

Can it be used to pass a drug test?

Perhaps the most important question regarding synthetic urine is: “Can it be used to pass a drug test?”. The answer is most definitely: yes. Quality products bought from trusted stores locally or online can be safely and almost always can pass a drug test, since they mimic clean human urine with all its constituents, so a normal drug test cannot detect if the sample is real or synthetic. Although drug tests are evolving nowadays in order to detect fake urine, the trusted companies that actually make it are also evolving, and nowadays synthetic urine can resemble real clean urine in not only the components, but down to even the PH, specific gravity and even temperature.

What if the test is strict or supervised?

All this is well and good if the test is not monitored or supervised, in which case you don’t have to hide anything, just be careful while transporting your fake urine bag or cup. But if you have to take the observed test, that is to say submit the sample on the spot, this becomes substantially more difficult. However, there are still ways to use fake urine in a supervised drug test, provided that it is not “strictly supervised”, since there are some strict testing facilities that require you to pull your pants down to the knees and your shirt up to the navel, while others require you to strip down naked and wear some kind of bath robe. But this doesn’t always happen, so you will be required to do some research before actually going to the test location. If these conditions are not present, which is most probably the case, you can use numerous methods to hide the synthetic urine cup or bag, including taping it to your inner thigh, wearing two pieces of underwear and keeping the bag between them, hiding it in your bra (if you’re a woman), or use a specially designed “Pee Belt” to secure the bag just under your chest, which some manufacturers actually supply.


In conclusion, you can definitely use synthetic urine to pass a drug test, provided that you use a trusted brand and do your research on the facility in which you will be taking it.


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